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It is difficult to predict the heat of any individual chilli as variables such as watering, feeding and temperature can all affect the amount of heat produced in an individual chilli. However, the scale below will give you an indication of what to expect from different varieties.

 10 Fatalii, Habanero Congo Trinidad, Habanero Jamaican Hot Chocolate, Habanero Orange, Habanero Red, Scotch Bonnet Orange, Scotch Bonnet Red, Scotch Bonnet Yellow
 9 Mushroom Red Pepper, Mushroom Yellow Pepper, Thai Hot
 8 Jaloro, Rocoto Orange, Rocoto Red
 7 Cayenne Red, Cayenne Yellow, Explosive Ember, Jalapeno
 6 Aji Rojo, Bolivian Rainbow, Hungarian Wax, Little Elf, Serrano
 5 Anaheim, NuMex Twighlight
 4 Cascabella, Filus Blue, Large Red Cherry, Pepperoncini
 3 -
 2 -
 1 -